Places Of Interest Nearby

If you are an outgoing person then you may want to check out the following prominent places which are around Omkar Farms.

  1. Jamburdhe Dam (6 kms from Omkar Farms)
  2. Gorakhgad (10 kms from Omkar Farms)
  3. Siddhagad (13 kms from Omkar Farms)
  4. Machindragad (20 kms from Omkar Farms)
  5. Barvi Dam (25 kms from Omkar Farms)
  6. Titwala Maha-Ganpati Mandir (30 kms from Omkar Farms)
  7. Shahad Birla Vitthal Mandir (35 kms from Omkar Farms)
  8. Malshej Ghat (40 kms from Omkar Farms)

Additionally, if you want to stay local and don't want to travel too much, then you can visit:

  1. Mhasa Dam (2.5 kms from Omkar Farms)
  2. Mhasa Shiv Mandir (3 kms from Omkar Farms)
  3. Agashi Swami Samartha Mandir (3 kms from Omkar Farms)

Also, you can find various greenhouses around Omkar Farms (6 kms from Omkar Farms approximately).

Jamburdhe Dam

6 kms from Omkar Farms

jamburdhe dam


10 kms from Omkar Farms



13 kms from Omkar Farms

siddhagad forest
siddhagad trek
siddhagad waterfall


20 kms from Omkar Farms


Barvi Dam

25 kms from Omkar Farms

barvi dam
barvi dam

Titwala Maha Ganpati Mandir

30 kms from Omakr Farms

titwala maha ganpati mandir
titwala maha ganpati mandir idol

Shahad Birla Vitthal Mandir

35 kms from Omkar Farms

shahad birla vitthal mandir

Malshej Ghat

40 kms from Omkar Farms

malshej ghat
malshej ghat
malshej ghat
malshej ghat


  1. The places mentioned above are only for informational purpose.
  2. Visits to any of the above places is not included in any of our packages. Customers interested in visiting the above places will have to make their own arrangements for the visit or contact us for further guidance.
  3. Omkar Farrms, Murbad is not affiliated with any of the above mentioned places.