• Booking my trip at Omkar Farms
  • How can I book my trip ?

    You can book your trip by filling out the 'Book My Picnic' form or by calling at any of our contact numbers. When you do so, we will make a note of dates that you wish to visit Omkar Farms on. This does not mean that your booking is CONFIRMED. This indicates your intent on picnicking at Omkar Farms and we making a loose marking on our calendar when you wish to visit us.

    To know what packages we have for you see Packages.

  • When will my booking be CONFIRMED ?

    Your booking will be confirmed when you pay a minimum of 70% of the total amount of your package. To know more about Payment Methods and Policy see Payment Methods and Policy.

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Does Omkar Farm serve alcoholic beverages ?

    NO. We do not /store/sell/serve any type of Alcoholic Beverages whatsoever.

    To know more see our Drinking Alcoholic Beverages policy.

  • Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage ?

    YES you can. But, when you consume any king of alcoholic beverages at Omkar Farms, you abide by the terms/rules as mentioned in our Drinking Alcoholic Beverages policy. Read this policy if you plan on bringing and consuming your alcoholic beverages at Omkar Farms.

  • Website Related ...
  • What data does this website collect from its users ?

    We do not collect any data from the user surfing this website. We, however store the details entered by the users on 'Book My Picnic' form. We do not/will not in future share your entered information with anybody as mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

  • How much secure is this website ?

    Our website is secure and free from any malware or anything that may potentially infect your computer with. Our website is certified by SiteLock to be free from any malware. The SiteLock seal certifies the same and you will find it on every page on this website as well as in footer area. SiteLock seal look this: