Dormitory / Party Hall


  1. Dormitory can be provided only to groups having more than 10 persons above age of 5 years.
  2. Capacity of the dormitory is 100 persons.
  3. There are no beds. Mattresses, pillows and Solapuri Chaddar will be provided by us.
  4. 4 common toilets – 2 Indian type and 2 Western type.
  5. Solar heated water available on request.
  6. Food, use of swimming pool, artificial waterfall, jacuzzi, rain dance, indoor and outdoor games, children’s play park, car parking, etc available as per regular tariff given here.


Our dormitory acts as a double for conducting events. So, if you want to conduct any family/group/corporate events or functions, our dormitory-cum-party hall is ideal for you. You won’t have any problems regarding space due to its huge size and holding capacity. That’s not it, we also have Open-Shed area if you wish to conduct events outdoor.

So, if you are a group of family/friends/corporate or any other organization interested in conducting events/functions, just Contact Us. We will help you out with finer details and will also provide you with customized packages as per the occasion.