Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

The Policy …

Omkar Farms follows a strict code when it comes to consuming any type of alcoholic beverages. If you intend to carry or consume any type of alcoholic beverages at Omkar Farms then you must read the following Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Policy of Omkar Farms. Whether you read this policy or not and consume alcoholic beverages at Omkar Farms, the following will be applicable to you (either in part or full) by default.

From here-on, within this Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Policy, the word ‘liquor’ may/will refer to any type of alcoholic beverage/s.

Omkar Farms does not serve any types of liquor whatsoever. Anyone wanting to consume liquor will need to carry it themselves only. You cannot direct Omkar Farms or any of its staff to purchase liquor on your behalf or for anyone whatsoever when you reach Omkar Farms resort. As a thumb rule, Omkar Farms does not purchase/store or serve liquor as part of its policy.

Consuming Liquor …

Any individual or group wanting to consume liquor will do so on their own risk and within specified designated area/room. No one can consume liquor outside this area.

All the areas and facilities at Omkar Farms cannot be used by anyone when under the influence of liquor except the designated area where you can consume liquor. Thus by default, person under influence of liquor cannot use (all of the following and any other facility not mentioned here which Omkar Farms does not deem fit to be used by anyone when under the influence of liquor) – common facilities like swimming pool, musical rain dance, food court area, artificial waterfall, play park area, parking area etc.

Consequences …

Anyone found to be attempting to / actually causing / supporting others to cause violence or any type of indecent behaviour will be thrown out of Omkar Farms without any refund at that moment only. In such a case, the individual/s or group will have no right to argue with Omkar Farms, its staff and management, once the staffs at Omkar Farms deem that the individual/s or group was indeed causing nuisance under the influence of liquor. If you do not adhere to this, then Omkar Farms will be compelled to call Police to take action against such individual/s or group. Same action will be taken against anyone if any other group not consuming liquor complaints to Omkar Farms, it’s staff or management that they are being targeted / tortured / directed abuses at or are subjected to any  other type of  indecent behaviour.

When you consume liquor at Omkar Farms you do so at your own risk. Anyone consuming liquor will be deemed as a grown up individual who understands the negative impact on health of liquor by Omkar Farms. Omkar Farms will not be / cannot be held responsible for any harm / damage / injury or anything bad caused to anyone by consequence of their own actions of consuming liquor.

No drugs at Omkar Farms …

Omkar Farms does not allow possession / distribution / selling or consumption of any form / type / class of drugs (by drugs, we mean to imply marijuana etc and not medicines classed as ‘Scheduled H drugs’) on its premises / campus area. Anyone found with drugs will be thrown out of Omkar Farms without any refund, without any explanation owed and Police will be called to charge such individual/s or group/s under relevant sections of Law.

Ragging …

Ragging / abuse / harassment of any form irrespective of age / gender / race / religion under influence of liquor or otherwise will not be tolerated by Omkar Farms. Anyone found doing so will be thrown out of Omkar Farms without any refund and explanation owned at the same moment and Police will also be called.

You understand and accept the above and following …

Omkar Farms holds the ultimate authority to throw out anyone from Omkar Farms without any refund or explanation owed if it finds anyone breaking the above rules or causing nuisance not mentioned in this policy. You cannot hold Omkar Farms responsible for your own bad actions which will / may force us to take this drastic step.

By consuming liquor at Omkar Farms you agree that you abide to the above liquor policy of Omkar Farms. You also agree that you understand the consequences you will have to face in case you behave badly under the influence of liquor.

If you do not agree with our liquor policy then we suggest that you do not consume liquor.

Omkar Farms holds the ultimate authority to update / modify /delete the above Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Policy in part or in full without any prior notice.

NOTE: You will have to personally sign an undertaking form for the above policy when at Omkar Farms resort before you can consume liquor at Omkar Farms resort. Those who do not sign the undertaking at Omkar Farms resort will not be permitted to consume liquor.